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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Do we provide reseller?

Yes we do, and give special prices for our reseller. We are looking for major reseller from Australia, Asia and America countries. But if any company or an individual interested
can directly contact us or email to [email protected].

Is a trusted seller

Crypt Miner established since 2014 as one of the largest Crypto Coin Mining Hardware distributors.
We have been trusted and reviewed by some of our customers on our Website.

How long shipment processed on

We usually process the shipping within 48 hours after the order and payment confirmation is made. For PO item would be depending on delivery batch quota.

Do accept Value Declaration on package?

Yes we can help you by declaring low valued invoice to help reduce the taxes and risk at the
customs. If in case of any special requirement please contact us before shipment processed.

Do you refund shipping fees?

Shipping fees are non-refundable for Worldwide Delivery.

What payment method accepted on
CRYPT MINER main payment method by: Wire transfer (via Bank), Western Union Online or Bitcoin (via Coinpayments).

Optional payment method by: PayPal or Credit Card.

*All products listed on our website are priced in USD And Bitcoin.

*The price will be provided through the exchange rate of Bitcoin to USD rate as per the current market rates.

Orders generated will be valid only for a certain period from the time of booking. Once the order generated – our customers has limited time to make the payment in max hour for Bitcoin Payment and up to 3 Days for Wire Transfer Payment. If in case of failure your order will cancelled automatically.

Which courier company do you prefer and how long their delivery time?

We are flexible with the courier company. We have option available: DHL, UPS, RPX Cargo, ARAMEX, TNT and
any major courier company as your request.

As our standards delivery policy we work with DHL or RPX Cargo. They deliver the product internationally on max 7-8 Working days. In case of delay
with customs duty it may take up to 13-14 Days.

CRYPT MINER always try to make sure your shipment reaches on time as committed by the courier company. If you have any questions about the shipment process you can contact us or email to [email protected]

For further informations or another questions you can contact us or email our sales support team to [email protected]


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